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Andrew Jon Haman

I did programming and level design work for the game Happenlance.

Happenlance is a 2D, physics based, action platformer where you have a big lance you can use to kill, jump, fling, bounce, deflect, inflict, crush, soar and more.

My programming on the game included implementing a good camera system that was artist friendly and worked well in fast-paced 2D action setting. I also implemented the New Game+ and New Game- modes, as well as various editor quality of life improvements. In terms of levels, about 8 of my designs were implemented into the final game, which has 13 chapters made up of roughly 40 sections total.

My main takeaway from this project was how to work and be productive in a foreign codebase, first working on an isolated piece of code to learn the semantics of the codebase and then gradually expanding out and making bigger, more integral changes.

There is a website as well as a steam page for the game. (There's even a free demo if you would like to check it out for yourself!)